Silvio Savarese, Assistant Professor

Computer Science Department
Stanford University

office: Room 154 Gates Bldg
ssilvio at stanford dot edu
Mailing address: 353 Serra Mall, Gates Building,
Stanford, CA 94305-9020  



sMy group





Research overview

  I direct the Computational Vision and Geometry Lab (CVGL) at Stanford. Our research addresses the theoretical foundations and practical applications of computational vision. Our interest lies in discovering and proposing the fundamental principles, algorithms and implementations for solving high level visual recognition and reconstruction problems such as object and scene understanding as well as human behavior recognition in the complex 3D world.
  • Our paper “Structural-RNN: Deep Learning on Spatio-Temporal Graphs” with A. Jain, A. Zamir, and A. Saxena won the Best Student Award at CVPR 2016.
  • I will be the general chair of the 4th International Conference on 3D Vision – 3DV (2016).
  • I am an area chair of ECCV 2016.
  • I am an associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI), starting January 2016.
  • Our paper “Semantic Cross-View Matching” with F. Castaldo, A. R. Zamir, R. Angst and F. Palmieri, won the Best Paper Runner-up Award at ICCV workshop (VFSTS Workshop), 2015.
  • I am a co-editor of Computer Vision and Image Understanding (CVUI) special issue on “Shape Representations Meet Visual Recognition”, 2015.
  • I am an area chair of ICCV 2015
  • I am a co-chair and organizer of 3dRR-15 – 5th IEEE international workshop on “3D Representation for Recognition”, in conjunction with IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV13), December, 2015
  • I am an area chair of CVPR 2015.
  • I am an area chair of ECCV 2014.
  • I have been awarded the 2013 J. James R. Croes Medal from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for the paper “Integrated Sequential As-Built and As-Planned Representation with D4AR Tools in Support of Decision-Making Tasks in the AEC/FM Industry”. Congratulations also to Prof. Mani Golparvar-Fard (UIUC) and Prof. Feniosky Pena-Mora (Columbia University) who co-authored this work.
  • September 2013: I moved to Stanford University in the Computer Science department.
  • Summer 2013: I have been promoted to the rank of associate professor with tenure at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor!
  • I was an area chair of CVPR 2013.
  • I received the 2012 TRW Automotive Endowed Research Award!
  • Our most recent work on Semantic Structure from Motion with my student Ying-ze Bao received a best student paper award in IEEE CORP 2011 workshop, in conjuction with ICCV 2011
  • Derek Hoiem and I co-authored a book entitled Representations and Techniques for 3D Object Recognition and Scene Interpretation, Synthesis lecture on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Morgan & Claypool Publishers, 2011. ISBN-10: 1608457281. Click here or here for more information.
  • I spoke at the Frontiers in Computer Vision Workshop in August 2011
  • We are organizing the third IEEE international workshop on 3D Representation and Recognition (3dRR-11). 3dRR-11 will take place in Barcelona, Spain, on November 7th, in conjuction with ICCV 2011. Click here for more details
  • I am an area chair for ICCV 2010.
  • I received the NSF career award 2011! More details are here.
  • I reveived a 2010 Google Research award!
  • I am an area chair and the workshops chair for CVPR 2010; Check out the call for proposals!
  • We are organizing the second IEEE international workshop on 3D Representation for Recognition (3dRR-09). 3dRR-09 will take place in Kyoto, on September 28th 2009, in conjuction with ICCV 2009. Click here for more details



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