CS231A · Computer Vision: from 3D reconstruction to recognition

Winter 2015

Projects Proposals

Project Title Abstract
Matching/Mapping [courtesy of Ricoh™] pdf
Object Property Recognition [courtesy of Ricoh™] pdf
Semi-automatic Ground Truth Labeling [courtesy of Ricoh™] pdf

Projects from CS231A 2013/14

Project Title Report
Recognizing the state of Chess boards pdf
Food or calorie recognition using cellphone camera pdf
Real-time Implementation of an Innovative Facial Database for Retail Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems pdf
Hand Gesture Augmented Camera on Google Glass pdf
Pedestrian Detection pdf
Single-view 3D reconstruction of basketball scenes pdf
Realtime Webcam Gaze Tracking pdf
A Learned Dictionary Model for Texture Classification pdf
Vitals are Vital! Visual Vital Metric Detection for Multiple Subjects pdf
Simple Stereo Vision for Image Guided Radiation Therapy Research pdf
Plane rectification in real time on an Android device Milestone report pdf
Tracking Objects in YouTube Videos pdf
Automatic Labeling of Lane Markings for Autonomous Vehicles pdf
Galaxy Zoo Challenge: Classify Galaxy Morphologies from Images pdf
Robust Panoramic Image Stitching pdf
Facial Verification using Fisher Vectors and Deep Nets pdf
Chavin de Huantar Potsherd Impression Analysis pdf
A Genetic Algorithm-Based Solver for Very Large Jigsaw Puzzles pdf
Detecting Guns Using Parametric Edge Matching pdf
Histogram of Oriented Gradients for Detection of Multiple Scene Properties pdf
Automatic Camera Network Topology Recognition pdf
Human Action Prediction with Hierarchical Movemes pdf
Food brand image (Logos) recognition pdf
A Comparative Study of Color Edge Detection Techniques pdf
Synthesizing the Physical World with the Virtual World: Computer Vision for Augmented Reality Applications pdf
3D Reconstruction from Multiple Images pdf
Leveraging Computer Vision Priciples for Image-Based Shoe Recommendation pdf
Hop Helper: A Beer Label Recognition Engine pdf
Implementation of TLD LongĀ­term tracking framework pdf
Single Camera Pedestrian Tracking pdf
Automatic Cell Detection in Fluorescent Embryonic Stem Cell Images pdf
Shape Analogies via Group Shape Difference Analysis pdf
Application of Sparse Coding in Face Identification pdf
Stereo Depth Continuity pdf
Sketch-based Object Recognition pdf
Identifying Products in the Real World pdf
Object Localization and Tracking using Microsoft Kinect pdf
Locally-Optimized Inter-Subject Alignment of Functional Cortical Regions pdf
Automating NFL Film Study: Using Computer Vision to Analyze All-22 NFL Film pdf
Learning Binary Descriptors from Images pdf
Calibrating a Camera and Rebuilding a Scene by Detecting a Fixed Size Common Object in an Image pdf
Exam Digitization for Online Grading pdf
Realtime Storefront Logo Recognition pdf
Character Identification in TV Series from Partially Labeled Data pdf
Counting jelly beans: voxel carving and segmentation of a container of heterogenous objects pdf
A Keypoint Descriptor Inspired by Retinal Computation pdf