CS231A · Computer Vision: from 3D reconstruction to recognition

Winter 2015

Aphrodite, Salvador Dali

Prof. Silvio Savarese
Office Hour: Monday from 4:00-5:00pm, Gates 151
Time and Classroom
Mon, Wed 11:00 AM — 12:15 PM
Gates B1
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Course Information

The course is an introduction to 2D and 3D computer vision. Topics include: cameras models, geometry of multiple views; shape reconstruction methods from visual cues: stereo, shading, shadows, contours; low-level image processing methodologies (feature detection and description) and mid-level vision techniques (segmentation and clustering); high-level vision problems: object detection, image classification, scene understanding and target tracking.

The class requires five problem sets, a midterm exam and a final project. The list of last year's projects is on Projects


Most books are available online on library.stanford.edu

Required text books:

Recommended text books:


This course requires knowledge of linear algebra, probability, statistics, machine learning and computer vision, as well as decent programming skills. Though not an absolute requirement, it is encouraged and preferred that you have at least taken either CS221 or CS229 or CS131A or have equivalent knowledge.

Grading Policy

Problems will be released through the schedule page and must be submitted through scoryst

For problem sets, if 1 day late, 50% off the grade for that homework. Zero credits if more than one day.

Class participation are waived for SCPD students. For the project presentation, SCPD students can send videos instead.

Project late policy: 25% if one day late; 50% if two days late; zero credit if more than two days

Two "48-hours late submission" bonuses are available; that is, you can use a bonus to submit your HW late after at most 48 hours. After you use all your bonuses, you must adhere to the standard late submission policy. No exceptions will be made.

No "late submission bonus" is allowed when submitting your mid-term exam and project.

Midterm Exam

Class Project

These are the guidelines for a successful class project. Please address the following points in your proposal: Student must complete and submit/present the followings:
Project Proposal Guidelines

General Guidelines:

Include the following:

Please submit your proposal as a PDF document.

Project Progress (mid-term) Report Format

General Guidelines:

Include the following:

Project Presentation Guidelines

General Guidelines:

Include the following:

Final Project Report Guidelines

General Guidelines:

Include the following:


We would recommend posting class related questions on Piazza.

You can also reach the course instructors and TAs at cs231a-win1415-staff@lists.stanford.edu.